Adult/Youth Services

  • Individual Therapy:  Individual therapy assists individuals in identifying personal goals in the therapeutic process. Individuals are given the opportunity to explore thought process, mood management, emotional regulation, stress reduction, behavioral patterns, skill development, reduce psychological distress, develop a relapse prevention plan and process current/past issues.  Individuals will develop a personalized service plan that highlights strengths and compliment goals. 
    • AcuDetox (NADA 5 point certified):  Offered through individual therapy and is included in the cost.  Benefits include reduced cravings for alcohol/drugs (including nicotine), minimization of withdrawal symptoms, increased calmness, better sleep and less agitation, relief from stress and emotional trauma, discovery of inner quiet and strength, easier connection with counseling and an intention for recovery.  Also used for pain management. 
    • Brain Synchronization Therapy (BST):  Offered through individual therapy and is included in the cost.  BST is a treatment element of EMDR.  It is a gentler/softer method for earlier stages of trauma work than EMDR.  It is safe for early stages of trauma work for processing traumatic memories and emotions.  Utilizes eye movement, bilateral stimulation, and techniques based on energy psychology.
    • Mindfulness Relaxation:  This unique group empowers individuals to learn/practice relaxation skills to gain a sense of internal thought and emotional management to take an active role in their health and wellness.  Individuals are able to utilize AcuDetox with breathing exercises, visualization, and other complimentary interventions with the opportunity to process cognitive behavioral therapy skills.  
  • Family / Couples Therapy:   Family / Couples Therapy focuses on interpersonal challenges within the family unit.  This modality works on improving communication and reducing interpersonal conflicts.