• Pathways To Self Discovery & Change (Pathway):  A cognitive behavioral approach to making decisions that led towards a more rational approach while staying clean/sober.   Focus placed on building knowledge/skills for responsible living, commitment to change, lifestyle balance and healthy living. Mixed gender evidenced based practice.
  • Brainwise:  An evidenced base CBT based treatment modality that emphasis the 10 wise methods to managing problems.  It emphasizes thinking skills to stop and think and avoid problem situations.  This program is offered for youth both in the clinic and in the school based treatment program.
  • Toward No Drug Abuse: A cognitive behavioral approach to increased motivation factor exploring beliefs/attitudes while offering skillful ways to gain social self-control, communicate and coping methods and at the same time increasing decision making skills.
  • Anger Management:  A cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach for anger management for individuals with substance abuse problems or mental illness.  This cognitive behavioral therapy addresses the anger cycle, conflict resolution, assertiveness skills, and anger-control plans.
  • Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT):   This evidence-based therapy group is designed for individuals involved with the criminal justice system. It teaches the individual better decision making skills that will help them develop a more productive lifestyle. MRT group is offered in mixed gender and specific gender weekly groups.